Perspective/s. Thinking, assembling, tuning futures

Visual arts / Installation / Architecture / Party

After the alleged “end of history” proclaimed by Francis Fukuyama twenty-five years ago, we are now coming to discern an endless “constant present”.



Hope as Provocation

we are here!

I don’t know how to put this but i’m Kind of a Big Deal

In Search of Lost Paradises

Prometheus Unbound


Guided tour “Perspective/s”

Sat 14/10, 14.00 – 16.30


2,50 € / 1,50 € per participant

No reservation is necessary.

Workshop “Kulturelle Brille” (Cultural Spectacles) on the exhibition “Prometheus Unbound”

Dates can be arranged

Neue Galerie Graz

3 € per participant

Information and registration:


FRida & freD Roboter

Sun 24/09, 15.00 - 18.00

Festival centre

Admission free

No reservation is necessary.

All utopias are precisely “utopian”, all “realistic” parameters for a better world have long been found in efficiency, tolerance and constant striving, actual problems have already been solved with nappy subscriptions, smartphones and robo-butlers. All discontent, they say, comes from the eternal dissidents and critics. All those who want to envisage and actually implement a new future beyond economic objectives, are warmly welcome. At the least, let us fail together.



Guided tour “Perspective/s”

Meeting point: <rotor>

“scharfstellen” <rotor>
“Hoffnung als Provokation” Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten
“we are here!” Haus der Architektur
“I don´t know how to put this bit i´m Kind of a Big Deal” the smallest gallery – collaboration space
“In Search of Lost Paradises” esc medien kunst labor“



Workshop “Kulturelle Brille” (Cultural Spectacles) on the exhibition “Prometheus Unbound”

In cooperation with Verein Sozialprofil

Meeting point: Neue Galerie Graz

On request, school classes and groups can work on the exhibition “Prometheus Unbound” in the popular “Kulturelle Brille” workshop based on questions of perspectivity, value orientation, and cultural exchange: hands on and, obviously, unbound!



FRida & freD Roboter

In cooperation with FRida & freD

Join FRida & freD in programming mindstorm-robots during “roboexotica” and find the hidden hedgehogs within them.

Workshop “Kulturelle Brille” in cooperation with Verein Sozialprofil
FRida & freD roboter in cooperation with FRida & freD