Hope as Provocation

Spiro. Spero

Visual arts / Exhibition / Literature

Hope has always prompted people to act. With an exhibition and an international literature symposium, KULTUM Graz sets out in search of ways of harnessing the resistant potential of hope.

Hoffnung als Provokation (Jochen Höller, „Orakel 1”, 2015)


Wir Kinder der Toten

Die Kinder der Toten – Der Große Dreh


Perspective/s. Thinking, assembling, tuning futures

Art in Context

23/09 – 18/11

Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, QL-Galerie & Leechkirche

Tue – Sat 11.00 – 17.00

4 €


Opening Sun 24/09, 14.00


With Michael Endlicher (AT), Jochen Höller (AT), Michael Kos (AT), resanita (AT), Tom Schmelzer (DE)



Literature symposium

Thu 28/09, 18.00

Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Minoritensaal

7 €


With Hamed Abboud (SY/AT), Ghayath Almadhoun (SY/SE), Radka Denemarkova (CZ), Asli Erdogan (TR), Jazra Khaleed (RU/GR), Fiston Mwanza Mujila (CD/AT), Shumona Sinha (IN/FR), Alexander Ilitschewski (RU), Serhij Zhadan (UA)
Moderated by Ekaterina Degot (RU/DE), Mariya Donska (RU/AT), Maria Motter (AT), Thomas Wolkinger (AT)
Curated by Luise Grinschgl (AT), Birgit Pölzl (AT), Thomas Wolkinger (AT)

“The horizon of hope has narrowed.” This was philosopher Judith Butler’s comment on Donald Trump’s election as US president, and it seems appropriate to interpret this dictum as a fundamental analysis of the current western condition. Cultural theorist Thomas Macho even goes so far as to talk about “postapocalyptic science fiction“ to describe the everyday reality in media and social networks. Rarely have we seen so much crisis-laden eventfulness.

KULTUM Graz searches for alternatives to this apocalyptic mood. The exhibition and literature symposium are founded on the conviction that hope remains a powerful force today, one that we need more than ever before. Would people still fight unlawful regimes, would they flee from life-threatening circumstances if there were no hope any more? In their current works, new texts and interventions, contemporary artists and writers from across the world explore what needs to be done in view of increasing nationalist movements, authoritarian systems and the continuing spread of pernicious neoliberal ideology. Is there still room for hope? For hope that is not naive but resistant?

Literature symposium

With Hamed Abboud, Ghayath Almadhoun, Radka Denemarkova, Asli Erdogan, Jazra Khaleed, Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Shumona Sinha, Alexander Ilitschewski, Serhij Zhadan
Curated by Luise Grinschgl, Birgit Pölzl, Thomas Wolkinger
Moderated by Ekaterina Degot, Mariya Donska, Maria Motter, Thomas Wolkinger
Translations by Larissa Bender, Claudia Dathe, Erich Klein, Elisabeth Müller, Lena Müller, Michaela Prinzinger
Interpreted by Harald Fleischmann, Alexandra Marics
Translational readings by Klaus Meßner, Ninja Reichert

In cooperation with QL-Galerie, Internationales Haus der Autorinnen und Autoren Graz, Literaturzeitschrift manuskripte, FH Joanneum, ISOP, Kulturvermittlung Steiermark
Literature symposium in collaboration with manuskripte editorial board

Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten
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