monochrom / SHIFZ / Bureau für Philosophie (AT/DE)


Installation / Participation / Workshop / Party

With “roboexotica”, the merry coexistence of man and machine will bring life into the festival centre for one afternoon: robots mix your drinks and fry pancakes for kids. Technology can be fun!

roboexotica (Foto: monochrom)


Festival centre at Palais Attems

Oh Magic

Invisible Flames




Perspective/s. Thinking, assembling, tuning futures

Sun 24/09, 15.00 – 22.00

Festival centre

Admission free


FRida & freD Roboter

Sun 24/09, 15.00 – 18.00

Festival centre

Admission free


No reservation is necessary


Dorit Chrysler solo concert

Sun 24/09, 18.30

Festival centre


Admission free

The focus of this festival of technology is on the human being, while robots hark back to their original purpose: making people’s lives more pleasant. With “roboexotica”, that began in 1999, monochrom, SHIFZ and the Bureau für Philosophie have been playfully showing that it is not in the nature of robots to take advantage of or oust human beings. If the intimate relationship of human beings and machines is disrupted today, then, according to the artists, it is due instead to commercial interests, pressure of production and surveillance politics. The ten robots in the courtyard of the festival centre prove this at first glance: one serves spirits, one makes pancakes, one cooks miso soup, and the other seven mix cocktails – sometimes clumsily, but always obliging and with culinary perfection!

In a workshop for children older than eight held by the Kindermuseum FRida & freD, kids can take a look behind the scenes of technology and build their own robots. Meanwhile, grown-ups can sample various robot drinks including the “Shot From Above”, “Amalettomat” and “Einarmiger Bsuf”. Cheers!

Participating robots Amalettomat (Zwax), Cheers (Daniel Fabry), Einarmiger Bsuf (Michael Eder, Sebastian Gehwolf, Erwin Nindl), Minecraft Cocktailbot (Tom De Roeck, Charlie Poulon), Oculus drink (Anna Vasof), Schnapsorgel (Marc Oliver Schrank), Shot From Above (Reinhard Sprung), Spritzerbot (monochrom feat. Thomas Preindl), Suck Your Luck (Christoph Bruckner, Thomas Kranabetter), The Misobot (Daniel Schatzmayr, Shlomit Migay, Team Dash)

In cooperation with FH Joanneum / Informationsdesign

monochrom / SHIFZ / Bureau für Philosophie (AT/DE)

Johannes Grenzfurthner and Franz Ablinger launched monochrom magazine in 1993. Just two years later, monochrom was no longer a fanzine but a multidisciplinary art and theory collective, its activities ranging from visual and stage art to programming computer games and robots. The artist association SHIFZ founded in 1996 also operates in the field of robotics, exploring the man-machine relationship. Members Magnus Wurzer and Chris Veigl founded the “Roboexotica” festival in 1999. monochrome also featured in the very first edition; since 2002 the group have been organising the festival together with SHIFZ and the Bureau für Philosophie – a joint platform of philosophers from Vienna University.