zweintopf (AT)

window 16:9 (R)

Installation / Visual arts

A flickering light-box welcomes visitors to Palais Attems, the most important noble palais in Styria. The Styrian artist duo zweintopf have developed a new piece for the stately staircase at the invitation of steirischer herbst.

window (16:9) (Foto: zweintopf)


Festival centre at Palais Attems

Kicking the Dead

A window on the world or even a substitute for the world? Both allocations that once sought to do justice to the phenomenon of television. Today we get our information through very different channels. And yet the security discourse burgeoning the world over brings new applications for this old-fashioned technology. And we discover that a television could also offer protection for us and our belongings. After all, its regular evening use simulates our presence. But because there is no need for real images in the loneliness of our living room, it’s enough to pretend. Red and green and blue. An algorithmic, rhythmicised programme. A colourful flicker that suggests the possibility of all images.

Commissioned by steirischer herbst

“window 16:9 (R)” was created thanks to the sponsoring partnership of steirischer herbst and Gaulhofer Industrie-Holding.

zweintopf (AT)

The artist duo “zweintopf” was founded by Eva Pichler and Gerhard Pichler in Graz in 2006. Meanwhile based in eastern Styria, the two artists work in classical exhibition contexts and in public space: in the form of installations, objects, photos and videos, sculptures and unauthorised interventions. In this case, it is the everyday phenomena and banal materials from mass production that form the basis of the duo’s artistic work.