herbst Academy 2017

Discourse / Workshop

The herbst Academy is a discursive space in the midst of steirischer herbst. Two workshops lasting four days and two discursive nights complement each other to create a tightly packed examination of the main question of the 50th iteration of the festival: “Where Are We Now?”

Raum*Station (raumstation.cc) (Foto: Helvetia Leal, 2016)


Where Are We Now?

Prometheus Unbound

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The costs are 90 €, lunch and welcome dinner included.

The number of parcitipants is limited to 15 per workshop.


Further information:
steirischer herbst / Johanna Rainer
t +43 316 823 007 82



Workshop 1
Activist Sense – A Series of Micro-Relays

10/10 – 13/10

Festival centre

With ArchipelagoLab (DE), Max Heinrich (DE), Helvetia Leal (CH)

German and English language


Workshop 2
10/10 – 13/10

Festival centre

With Eiko Grimberg (DE), Clemens von Wedemeyer (DE)

German language


Discursive Nights: Where Are We Now?

Do 12/10 & Fr 13/10, 19.00


10 € including meals


With Travis Alabanza (GB), Heidi Ballet (BE), Clémentine Deliss (GB), Tim Etchells (GB), Christiane Kühl (DE), Walter Mignolo (AR), Terence Nance (US), Tobias Revell (GB), Marcus Steinweg (DE)

We would like to take this anniversary as an occasion to pause for a moment to ask ourselves whether we might not define our place in the world and the roads that we aim to take differently. After all, the languages used so far to talk about the future appear to tie us down to present-day horizons. What could a different system of reference look like? What are its core values? What languages does it need? What kind of thinking? And in what spaces and conditions could this thinking be successful?


Workshop 1: Activist Sense – A Series of Micro-Relays

Against the resurgence of new grand narratives of crisis, depression and a desire for a new call to order – towards a general shift of perception to the minoritarian, molecular or minute as part of social movements. Based on questions of temporality, dreaming alternatives and the positioning of one’s own practice, we aim at exploring collectively what might be called Activist Sense: sense, between the sensuous and sensemaking; action and activation as they relate to activisms. Over the course of the three-day workshop we want to examine ways of “shaping time” by means of social practices. In the morning we engage in a process of collective experimentation based on artistic and philosophical input and writings, with a varying emphasis on micro-politics, micro-perceptions and microtemporalities. We are particularly interested in micro-relays, that is to say, movements or gestures of commonality. Carrying these experiences with us, we will then go on to explore new places and spaces of the social, individually or in small groups. In the late afternoon, we will join up again weaving traces of what we have experienced and felt in a spatializing diagram and thus creating our own expression of Activist Sense.


Workshop 2: Materialfragen 

How can contemporary art be created from documentary material? How can archives become manifestations of the present? Artists Clemens von Wedemeyer and Eiko Grimberg join the workshop’s participants to discuss how artworks based on filed material are shaped by the organising principles of archives and the artist’s subjective approach to the information stored. The focus is on Grimberg’s series of photos “Future History / The Pool” and on video works from von Wedemeyer’s “P.O.V. – Point of View” series, all on display in this year’s herbst exhibition. “P.O.V.” is based on 16mm footage shot by cavalry captain and amateur film-maker Arnold Freiherr von Vietinghoff-Riesch behind WWII front lines across Europe. The workshop aims to investigate ways of placing archived material in new contexts, of revealing hidden knowledge by means of experimental artistic presentations and installations: What does this tell us about the person behind the camera? What spheres of tradition impact on the (re)presentation? And what remains unseen?




Tue 10/10
18.00 Check-in and welcome dinner for both workshops

Wed 11/10
10.00 – 17.00 Workshop (incl. lunch)

Thu 12/10
10.00 – 17.00 Workshop (incl. lunch)
19.00 Discursive night ”Where Are We Now?” (incl. dinner)

Fri 13/10
10.00 – 17.00 Workshop (incl. lunch)
19.00 Discursive night ”Where Are We Now?” (incl. dinner)


Discursive Nights: Where Are We Now?

This year’s conference is a philosophical canteen: take a seat and be inspired by international artists and theorists – and your neighbours at the table! Between the talks and performances you’ll have lots of time to spin out what you have heard. The nine invited speakers present alternative perspectives, languages and logics of understanding, organising and imagining the world – from Oceanic thinking and alternative logics of being-in-the-world to a decolonial view of a Eurocentric “we”.



herbst Academy 2017

The attendance fee for the workshops are 90 € each. Food and admission to the discursive nights are included in the price. Travel costs and accommodation are to be paid by the participants. After the application, you will receive a list of steirischer herbst’s partner hotels.

Please note: The participation can only be confirmed after receipt of the money. Following the application, you will receive a confirmation including our bank details.