Where Are We Now?

A joint attempt to define our position in theory and practice

Discourse / Performance / Participation / Anniversary

steirischer herbst is opening a philosophical canteen: in this casual setting we will be serving performances and talks that open up the leitmotif for discussion – from Oceanic thinking and alternative logics of being-in-the-world to a decolonial view of a Eurocentric “we”.

Where Are We Now? (Foto: Ella Barraclough)


Where Are We Now?

herbst Academy 2017

Festival centre at Palais Attems

Thu 12/10, 19.00


10 € incl. food and drink

Including the presentation of “Where Are We Now?


Lectures in English and German

Table-talk in German (English on request)


With Clémentine Deliss (GB), Tyna Fritschy (CH), Christiane Kühl (DE), Terence Nance (US), Tobias Revell (GB)


Fri 13/10, 19.00

Festival centre

10 € incl. food and drink


Lectures in English and German

Table-talk in German (English on request)


With Travis Alabanza (GB), Tim Etchells (GB), Walter Mignolo (AR), Marcus Steinweg (DE)

In the festival centre’s courtyard we invite you to two long nights of pleasurable thought. Take a seat and be inspired by international artists and theorists – and your neighbours at the table! Between the talks and performances you’ll have lots of time to spin out what you have heard over a glass of wine and food from the herbst bar. The nine invited speakers present alternative perspectives, languages and logics of understanding, organising and – ultimately – imagining the world. After all, the reference systems in which we have conceived the future in the past seem to have got stuck in an endless present.

Guests from the spheres of art and theory are invited to speak alternately on both evenings. On Thursday, let Clémentine Deliss inspire you for a way of learning that sees things as living generators of knowledge and join Christiane Kühl in exploring the universe of the herbst publication “Where Are We Now?”. Find out how our most intimate relationships contribute to individualisation and atomisation of society (Tyna Fritschy) and delve into the interwoven dreamworlds of Terence Nance’s film work “Swimming in your Skin Again”. Finally, listen to the story of “Arktika”, a floating platform for speculation on a converted icebreaker that will bring about the collapse of the European currency area (Tobias Revell).

On Friday, Walter Mignolo invites you to view the world from a decolonial perspective, while Travis Alabanza humorously and uncompromisingly demonstrates in a spoken word performance that there is still no right in the wrong today. Marcus Steinweg rounds off the theoretical deliberations with an exercise in precipitous thinking before Tim Etchells’ performance “Looping Pieces” leads us into the night: the live remix of notebook entries recalls and questions ideas, fragments and quotes from more than thirty years of artistic practice.

We would like to invite you to venture this attempt at defining our position and to share this sensual collective thought-space with us and others. Until the early hours!

Curated by Johanna Rainer, Wilma Renfordt, Martin Baasch
Table moderations by Džana Ajanovič, Tobias Bühlmann, Anna-Magdalena Druško, Anna Kohlhauser, Maria Motter, Josef Obermoser, Michael Sladek, Christoph Szalay, Antonia Vitschegger, Markus Waitschacher

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Project management Roland Gfrerer
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