Up Into the Unknown & Graz Architecture

Visual arts / Exhibition / Architecture / Anniversary

The guiding theme of Kunsthaus Graz during this herbst festival is architecture, inviting contemporary artists to explore the projects on show at the two exhibitions and to comment on them from today’s vantage point.

Auf ins Ungewisse & Graz Architektur (Foto: Niels Jonkhans, „Vision Revision I”, 1999)


Prometheus Unbound

Up Into the Unknown & Graz Architecture

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History/stories. Into the archive and out into the world

Up Into the Unknown &
Graz Architecture

Opening Sat 23/09, 14.00

Kunsthaus Graz

Tue – Sun 10.00 – 17.00

9 €


Curated by Barbara Steiner (AT), Katia Huemer (AT)


Up Into the Unknown

Peter Cook, Colin Fournier and the Kunsthaus

23/09/2017 – 25/03/2018

Kunsthaus Graz / Space01


With works by Archigram (GB), Bollinger + Grohmann (DE), Peter Cook (GB), Colin Fournier (GB), Jessica Hausner (AT), Niels Jonkhans (NL), Mischa Kuball (DE), Vera Lutter (DE/US), realities:united (DE), Isa Rosenberger (AT), Gernot Stangl (AT), Arthur Zalewski (PL/DE)


Graz Architecture

Rationalists, Aesthetes, Gut Instinct Architects, Democrats, Mediacrats

23/09/2017 – 28/01/2018

Kunsthaus Graz / Space02


With works by Günther Domenig (AT), Hermann Eisenköck (AT), Konrad Frey (AT), Julia Gaisbacher (AT), Volker Giencke (AT), Eugen Gross (AT), Bernhard Hafner (AT), Oliver Hangl (AT), Eilfried Huth (AT), Anna Meyer (CH), Szyszkowitz-Kowalski (AT/DE), Manfred Wolff-Plottegg (AT), Arthur Zalewski (PL/DE)

Since the Kunsthaus landed in Graz as a Friendly Alien, you couldn’t imagine the city without it. The exhibition “Up Into the Unknown” recapitulates its development, up to the opening in the city’s year as Capital of Culture in 2003. The visionary ideas of London architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier underwent a number of transformations before the project was completed: time frames, technical limitations, tight budgets, functional requirements, and also coincidences all modified the concept. Nevertheless, the building still bespeaks the utopian, visionary aspects that continue to fire people’s imagination today.

The exhibition “Graz Architecture – Rationalists, Aesthetes, Stomach-pit Architects, Democrats, Mediacrats” spotlights the protagonists of Graz’s architecture scene, tracing their direct or indirect links to their British colleagues Peter Cook and Colin Fournier. The architectural range goes from pragmatic, functional and aesthetic to expressionist. “Graz Architecture” presents a synopsis from the 1960s and 1970s to the present.

Produced by Kunsthaus Graz
In cooperation with steirischer herbst
In collaboration with Künstlerhaus – Halle für Kunst & Medien, Neue Galerie Graz, Haus der Architektur, Technische Universität Graz