Laia Fabre (ES/AT) & Thomas Kasebacher (AT)

Social Muscle Club

Performance / Participation

The “Social Muscle Club” is all about give and take. Catering for the needs and skills of the audience, the performative swap-shop ensures some unexpected new encounters.

Social Muscle Club (Foto: Andres Castoldi)


Festival centre at Palais Attems

An Occasion

Tender Provocations of Hope and Fear

Where Are We Now?

Sun 08/10, 14.00

Festival centre


10 €


German and English language

Sharing becomes an experience here: someone needs a new hairstyle, someone else needs hypnosis. Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at stage-diving and can offer to tattoo other people in return? In the “Social Muscle Club” too much meets too little, play meets profit, art meets nature. The audience is invited to express their wishes and offer their services. The result will be a host of little exchange agreements that can be redeemed straight away or arranged for later.

This gives rise to a new form of encounter and exchange, not only with strangers but also with supposed old acquaintances. Performative gifts and surprising performances from time to time create an atmosphere somewhere between Oriental wedding and chaotic Italian game show. In the end, you may have some wishes fulfilled that you didn’t even know you had. Reserve your place for the afternoon now!

By and with Laia Fabre, Thomas Kasebacher, die rabtaldirndln, Frans Poelstra, Susanna Kubarth und weiteren Gästen

Produced by notfoundyet

Laia Fabre (ES/AT)

Laia Fabre, born in Barcelona, works as a choreographer and visual artist in Vienna. She studied art and design at the University of Barcelona as well as fine arts and education in the arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her artistic work focuses on dance in combination with installation art. In 2007, after collaborations with Anne Juren, nadaproductions and Krzysztof Kaczmarek, among others, Fabre founded the notfoundyet collective together with Thomas Kasebacher. 2007 also saw the première of the duo’s first joint piece (“Second Life”). During steirischer herbst, they will organise one of their “Social Muscle Clubs” for the first time.


Thomas Kasebacher (AT)

Thomas Kasebacher is a performance artist, video artist, choreographer, and visual artist who lives and works in Vienna. He studied comparative literature in Innsbruck and performing arts in Liverpool before relocating to Vienna. Collaborations with Kate McIntosh and The Loose Collective, among others. In 2007 he joined forces with Laia Fabre to launch the multidisciplinary performance collective notfoundyet with which he has been producing numerous pieces both in Austria and abroad. Kasebacher, who has also lectured at Yale University, is currently completing a master’s degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm.