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A virtual diary

Literature / Documentation

They record and observe. They note, sketch, photograph. They formulate passing thoughts – topical today, perhaps stale tomorrow.


The Wonderful and the Ordinary

15/05 – 15/10



By and with Gunilla Heilborn (SE), Marie Gamillscheg (AT), Matthias Schamp (DE), Veronica Kaup-Hasler (AT)


German and English language

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This year again, four authors are keeping a highly subjective online diary: Swedish theatre-maker Gunilla Heilborn, devotes her attention to remembering the banal things in life in “The Wonderful and the Ordinary”, Austrian writer Marie Gamillscheg, artist, author and performer Matthias Schamp from Bochum, and last but not least Veronica Kaup-Hasler, who accompanies her last steirischer herbst with personal insights and prospects. They published their first notes in May, and add to them continuously. When they are on site in Graz for one week during the festival, their note-taking is intensified – thus joining together to form a parallel pre-history and literary continuation of steirischer herbst.

Gunilla Heilborn (SE)

Gunilla Heilborn, born in Ljungby in Sweden in 1964, lives and works as a choreographer and film-maker in Stockholm. Heilborn studied film and radio studies before shifting the focus of her artistic work to dance and performance. In 2002, after graduating in choreography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Heilborn finally presented her début piece “The Ocean is Blue”. This was followed by fourteen stage works and six short films, all using elements of film, dance and theatre and set in the realm between dry humour and cinematic realism. Two of her performances – “Potato Country” (2007) and “Gorkij Park 2” (2014) – also billed at steirischer herbst; Gunilla Heilborn is returning to Graz in 2017 with her latest piece “The Wonderful and the Ordinary”.