Gunilla Heilborn (SE) / Theater im Bahnhof (AT)

The Wonderful and the Ordinary


Gunilla Heilborn and Theater im Bahnhof practise remembering – not so much what, but rather how. The joint premiere sets out to find ways not to forget the seemingly banal things in life.

The Wonderful and the Ordinary (Foto: Studio Reko)


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Die Kinder der Toten – Der Große Dreh





Fri 29/09, Sat 30/09 & Sun 01/10, 19.30



19 €


English, German and Swedish language

Talk following the performance on Sat 30/09

We usually remember wonderful, overwhelming things much better than we do ordinary things. Swedish director Gunilla Heilborn and Graz-based Theater im Bahnhof, however, share a love of the everyday. And so three members of the TiB company join two performers from Sweden in search of techniques of remembering the little details of everyday life.

What makes us remember? Is it a smell, a pop song? Is our memory like a field where we can stroll around and find things from the past? If I turn today into a marvellous image in my mind, will that help me to keep it there? And what would it be like to be one of those few people in the world with an extreme memory capacity that allows them to remember what they did on every day of their lives? A bliss or a nightmare?

With various means the performers try to call up their memories, to repeat and question them – with a special focus on what appears to lie beyond major events and moments in life. Like Stockholm, April 7th, 2017: “Leaving work in a boat. With others that probably normally wouldn’t. It’s a beautiful evening. It’s a horrendous day. So, so quiet.”

Concept Gunilla Heilborn
Text and choreography Gunilla Heilborn and performers
With Kenneth Bruun Carlson, Pia Hierzegger, Lorenz Kabas, Monika Klengel, Kristiina Viiala
The Voice Norbert Wally
Lighting design Minna Tiikkainen
Costume design Katarina Wiklund
Original music and sound design Kim Hiorthøy
Film Mårten Nilsson
Video technique and sound Jonas Holst
Light technique Johan Sundén
Technical assistance Moke Rudolf-Klengel
Scenography assistance Helene Thümmel

Commissioned by steirischer herbst

Produced by GH Produktioner, Theater im Bahnhof
Co-produced by steirischer herbst, The Swedish National Touring Teater – Riksteatern
With the support of Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Dansens Hus Stockholm, Stockholm County Council

steirischer herbst
Head of project management Dominik Jutz
Project management Sebastian Weiss
Technical direction Karl Masten

Grazer Spielstätten
Project management Kurt Schulz

Gunilla Heilborn (SE)

Gunilla Heilborn, born in Ljungby in Sweden in 1964, lives and works as a choreographer and film-maker in Stockholm. Heilborn studied film and radio studies before shifting the focus of her artistic work to dance and performance. In 2002, after graduating in choreography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Heilborn finally presented her début piece “The Ocean is Blue”. This was followed by fourteen stage works and six short films, all using elements of film, dance and theatre and set in the realm between dry humour and cinematic realism. Two of her performances – “Potato Country” (2007) and “Gorkij Park 2” (2014) – also billed at steirischer herbst; Gunilla Heilborn is returning to Graz in 2017 with her latest piece “The Wonderful and the Ordinary”.


Theater im Bahnhof (AT)

Founded in Graz, Theater im Bahnhof is the largest professional free theatre ensemble in Austria: around 20 artists work continuously on its reinvention, evoking hitherto unseen sides of the theatre concept and thus constantly redefining it. According to its own description, TiB – the ensemble’s well-known abbreviation – sees itself as “contemporary folk theatre” that has located itself at the intersection between tradition and pop culture. Theater im Bahnhof has already demonstrated its diversity many times at steirischer herbst; most recently with “Black Moonshine” which was commissioned by steirischer herbst and presented in the Upper Styrian town of Vordernberg in 2015.