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To every age its art – to art its freedom

Contemporary art production and education have undergone a decades-long dynamic development in Graz and Styria, resulting in international renown and representing one of the main factors behind the great quality of life in the region and contributing to the cultural identity of the province and the city.
As an international company, our aim is not only to sustain, but also to boost the diversity and quality of contemporary art production in the long term. This is why the partnership with steirischer herbst as a leading contemporary multi-genre festival is so important to us.

Steiermärkische Sparkasse

For fifty years, steirischer herbst, one of the best-known avant-garde art festivals in Europe, has been constantly reinventing itself. A kind of contemporary “art kaleidoscope” uniting a host of different artistic disciplines that recurrently draws the visitor’s attention to new spaces of perception and knowledge. As a partner to the festival, we believe in the important role of artists and art as moving forces behind sociocultural developments and trends. We see art and (lifestyle) culture as part of a region’s identity that must be consciously integrated and promoted. With our partnership in the anniversary year, we aim to encourage a living discourse in the geographical “art space Styria” whose effects in 2017 can be felt as far as Upper Styria.
Dr. Gerhard Fabisch
Chairman of the Board

Mercedes-Benz Österreich

It is a matter of great concern to Mercedes-Benz Austria to take on social responsibility. For this reason, the company supports cultural institutions and sports events along with social projects. Just like Mercedes-Benz vehicles, steirischer herbst stands for innovation and abiding quality. As a mobility partner, Mercedes-Benz provides steirischer herbst with ecofriendly plug-in hybrids for the festival.

AVL Cultural Foundation

The “AVL Cultural Foundation” was founded to promote dialogue and shared knowledge between art and science. Similar to the way in which artists see and interpret the world and reflect this vision back to us, the engineering community reacts to the human condition with technical solutions and creative visions for a healthier environment, thus building a bridge between science and art.


Coming from the past, heading for the future, we traverse the present. The oldest festival of “new” art in Europe, steirischer herbst has continued to evolve over the years. History joins contemporaneity, both giving rise to the future.

As an international company in the field of surveying and information technology, GEODATA also relies on constant change and innovation. Which is why we are more than pleased to sponsor the “herbst fragments”, that will be allowing strollers to take a site-specific look at the past of steirischer herbst with the aid of a GPS-driven app.


HUMANIC is one of the biggest shoe retailers in Europe. The company's passion for shoes is brought to life in nine countries.
Contemporary art has accompanied us at HUMANIC from the outset. The focus is on promoting young, aspiring artists. Art, in turn, is a source of inspiration for us in developing new collections and anticipating new fashion trends.


Tried-and-tested and yet avant-garde – steirischer herbst is a stimulating festival of international renown. Every year it offers contemporary artists from around the world a platform on which to showcase their work and is thus not only an essential part of the art and culture scene of Styria, but also far beyond.

steirischer herbst is different; it is more provocative, innovative, bold – and thus unique. XAL also leaves the beaten track, putting architecture in working, living and public spaces into a new light the world over – with highly innovative technologies and special attention to sustainability. Our passion is the fascination of light, a crucial factor for human well-being and an essential stylistic device in art. So one reason our partnership with steirischer herbst is extremely important to us is that it serves as a constant source of inspiration

Gaulhofer Industrie-Holding GmbH

As a leading European manufacturer of windows, we assist our customers with our windows and doors in creating their individual living style. 
Culture is part of life for Gaulhofer, and our lives cannot be split up into a home world and a work world. By sponsoring steirischer herbst, Gaulhofer emphasises the importance which we attach to culture as a core on the basis of which society defines itself.

Energie Graz

For Energie Graz, sponsoring art and culture is not only an instrument of corporate communication policy, but also a statement about social responsibility. We take promoting innovative art projects and cultural diversity just as seriously as acting responsibly towards other people, employees and in the sphere of resources and the environment. Looking back on fifty years of history, steirischer herbst is now a firm fixture in Graz, and we see many parallels in this respect with Energie Graz. Tradition and modernism in harmony, always with our finger on the pulse of time.

Held Berdnik Astner & Partner
Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Successful together. hba and steirischer herbst.
It takes many things to be successful. Expertise, commitment and reliable partners.
steirischer herbst and hba have a lot in common. We are creative lateral thinkers who look beyond our own horizons. We don’t back away from new challenges.
Our goal is therefore not only to advise steirischer herbst on legal matters, but also to accompany the festival as partners.

Industriellenvereinigung Steiermark

Our industry
...is the most important driving force of innovation
steirischer herbst
...stands for cultural innovation.
Together we look forward to an exciting festival.

Phileas - A Fund of Contemporary Art

Phileas is an independent philanthropic organisation based in Vienna that raises private funding to support ambitious projects within the field of contemporary art. Phileas works together with artists, museums and Biennials to enable the production, exhibition and acquisition of art for public institutions. A particular focus lies on projects by Austrian and Austrian-based artists abroad, and by international artists in Austria. Phileas actively involves its supporters in the development of each project from studio to exhibition to acquisition.