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Mette Ingvartsen (DK)

to come (extended)

Opening steirischer herbst, the acclaimed choreographer Mette Ingvartsen experiments with sensual, erotic and social body languages. She extends pleasurable and joyful situations until they culminate in a celebration with all participants. A choreography that both captivates and stimulates.

steirischer herbst Opening Concert

The opening night of steirischer herbst does not end with the final applause for “to come (extended)” but with the last notes of the subsequent opening concert.

Festival centre at Palais Attems

After years of roaming the city, in the festival’s fiftieth year steirischer herbst is declaring its headquarters as festival centre. With spectacular roofing over the courtyard, an installation in public space, a wide range of events, bar and restaurant, among other things.

Yoko Shimizu (JP)

Biodesign Lab

Yoko Shimizu uses her space-filling lab installation to give insights into the wonders of nature. Photosynthetically printed plants and colourful crystal worlds hold out the promise of a long, joint future of art and science.

Isabel Lewis (DE/US/DO)

An Occasion

Artist Isabel Lewis invites visitors to a sensory salon. A special meeting of things, people, plants and thoughts, music, dance and aroma.

Simon Mayer (AT/BE)

Oh Magic

How can art and spirituality be brought together? Simon Mayer mounts a choreographic concert with a man-machine lineup culminating in a celebration of liberated joie de vivre.


Dope Saint Jude / Mobilegirl

Breaking with all categories, two musicians kick off the first weekend of the herbst festival. DJ Mobilegirl translates the secret language of cult rapper Dope Saint Jude into everything that gets the muscles twitching.

Die Kinder der Toten

Wir Kinder der Toten

Literaturhaus Graz bookends this year’s Jelinek theme: a matinée on the first weekend of the festival will get you in the mood for the magnum opus, while a symposium following the festival provides fresh fodder for anyone who hasn’t gone far enough with Jelinek yet.

50 Years, 5 Nodes

A city walk with a difference: experience the city of avant-garde art as never before, digitally and analogue, with your eyes, ears and taste buds – individually and in a group.

monochrom / SHIFZ / Bureau für Philosophie (AT/DE)


With “roboexotica”, the merry coexistence of man and machine will bring life into the festival centre for one afternoon: robots mix your drinks and fry pancakes for kids. Technology can be fun!

Stories of a “Festival that Explores the Times”

Join us to recall sensational projects, silent provocations and pioneering decisions. Listen in on discussions with directors, programme-makers and associates from fifty years of festival history.

Florentina Holzinger (AT)

Apollon Musagète

Six women armed with pointe shoes and dumb-bells set out to lambaste the omnipresent neoliberal body cult. The young choreographer Florentina Holzinger rallies her muses to topple poster boy Apollo from Balanchine’s ballet of the same name from his carefully guarded throne.

J&J (Jessica Huber (CH) / James Leadbitter (GB))

Tender Provocations of Hope and Fear

Fear rules the world. J&J oppose this trend with an evening about hope. Three performers and a priest face their own fears and talk about searching, finding, losing, and reviving hope.

herbst archive – analogue and digital

steirischer herbst invites you to browse through its history: on a guided tour of the festival archive or, as of now, online in a comprehensive database.

Die Kinder der Toten

Base Camp

Anyone who wants to ascend Elfriede Jelinek’s magnum opus is invited to the Veranstaltungszentrum Mürzer Oberland. Food and drink, cinema and literature – and many an unforgettable night – await the brave members of the expedition in this Base Camp.

Die Kinder der Toten

Roaring Silence

666 pages of Jelinek in 144 hours as a collective reading experience. On three weekends, steirischer herbst invites the audience to take part in a public reading of “ Die Kinder der Toten” from cover to cover. Again and again.

Tortuga & Risograd (AT/DE)


The transdisciplinary cultural association Tortuga and the print room initiative Risograd demonstrate how dreams can be printed in the courtyard of the festival centre: you can design your own prints and try out a variety of printing techniques under supervision.

Gunilla Heilborn (SE) / Theater im Bahnhof (AT)

The Wonderful and the Ordinary

Gunilla Heilborn and Theater im Bahnhof practise remembering – not so much what, but rather how. The joint premiere sets out to find ways not to forget the seemingly banal things in life.



When Hauschka fills his piano with table-tennis balls or ads clothes pegs, he creates a unique rhythmic hybrid of techno and minimal music, musique concrète and pop.

Die Kinder der Toten

Wolfgang Mitterer (AT)

Carnival of Souls

The dance of the undead: composer Wolfgang Mitterer accompanies one of Elfriede Jelinek’s favourite films with musical improvisations.


The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band

Starting out as a series of parties and live-club in the Thai capital, the six-strong band nowadays wows an international audience.


Peter Jakober (AT) & Ferdinand Schmatz (AT)


A host of voices from Graz probe the voice as a manipulative instrument. The premiere of Peter Jakober’s composition features three choirs and a total of twelve conductors, among others.


“dieses Echo”

For fifty years now, musikprotokoll has not shied away from performing the unheard-of, giving sound to the music of composers far beyond the mainstream.


Händl Klaus @ musikprotokoll

To mark the fiftieth instalment of musikprotokoll, Händl Klaus is returning to Graz as a festival writer with literary interventions.


Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT)


In the dynamic field between concrete and abstract, Andreas Trobollowitsch’s “composedconfusion” takes five performers to their limits.

Augustin Rebetez (CH) & Louis Jucker (CH)

The Grain Show

Augustin Rebetez creates an intimate cabinet full of strange object-creatures surrounded by dream-like images, mysterious videos and the sounds of musician Louis Jucker.

Begüm Erciyas (BE/DE)

Voicing Pieces

Our own voices are full of surprises. Choreographer Begüm Erciyas invites us to engage in fascinating conversations with ourselves that familiarise us with our own strangeness.


Ensemble PHACE (AT)

Dienz / Filidei / Jodlowski / Kerschbaumer

Appearing for the first time at musikprotokoll, the acclaimed Ensemble PHACE journeys into a precious world of poetry with an exquisite selection of New Music.

Jaha Koo (KR/BE/NL)


On the finite wisdom of a Korean rice cooker. Jaha Koo gives a touching insight into the tragedy of a lonely life in a thoroughly technologised society.


Studio Dan (AT)

Lewis / Omelchuk

No matter whether it’s big band or small ensemble: Studio Dan grooves flexibly with all experimental waves – this time with iridescent premieres of avant-garde jazz trombonist George Lewis and composer Oxana Omelchuk.


Andy Cavatorta (US) & Tom Huber (DE)

Crystal Sounds Lab

In their lab, Andy Cavatorta and Tom Huber combine crystal-clear sounds and the sound of technology based on a newly developed musical instrument.


Quatuor Diotima

The string quartet as a seismograph of the contemporary: the renowned Quatuor Diotima celebrate their musikprotokoll début with no fewer than three concerts this year.


Advanced Dance Music

A ball at musikprotokoll? Yes, seriously! Contemporary composers write, the Vienna RSO performs, and the audience dances along.

Marlene Monteiro Freitas (CV/PT)

Bacchae – Prelude to a Purge

Marlene Monteiro Freitas overloads our senses with her performance. Fascinating, humorous, highly musical, and off-beat, she stages the image of a world that is out of joint in many different ways.


Peter Herbert & Barry Guy

Barry Guy comes to musikprotokoll for the first time, improvising with his highly regarded fellow double bassist Peter Herbert.

The future as a remix

For ”The Future as a Remix”, steirischer herbst's exhibition partners have opened their archives and donated materials.


Aleph Quartett / Barry Guy / Maya Homburger

A sensitive guitar quartet, a virtuos baroque violinist, and a legendary double bassist whisk you away on a rich and varied journey through the centuries.


Josef Klammer (AT) / Seppo Gründler (AT) / Stefan Doepner (SI/DE)

The Sound of the Internet of Things

Together with Stefan Doepner, Josef Klammer and Seppo Gründler explore how the Internet ot Things sounds like. They share the stage with sound robots, readymades and hacked gadgets.


Anna Meredith

Anna Meredith is seen as one of the most innovative minds in modern British music. As part of the ”Soundtracks”, she presents her mixture of avant-garde, pop and contemporary classical music.

Laia Fabre (ES/AT) & Thomas Kasebacher (AT)

Social Muscle Club

The “Social Muscle Club” is all about give and take. Catering for the needs and skills of the audience, the performative swap-shop ensures some unexpected new encounters.


Matthew Shlomowitz (AU)

Electric Dreams

A journey through time in all directions: the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz dreams itself into a special version of the eighties with the opera “Electric Dreams”.


Cologne Tape

Between grand piano and synthesiser, vibraphone and organ, drums and guitar, Cologne Tape create abstract musical force fields.



SiS_Mic brings her self-made sound table, her big feedback speakers, and various materials to Graz. She will only decide which direction the concert takes on the spot.


Rima Najdi (LB)

Happy New Fear

Together with Kathy Alberici, Rima Najdi has turned her performance “Madame Bomba: The TNT project” into a radio play, which will be shown as an audio-visual liver version.

herbst Academy 2017

As part of the herbst academy 2017, steirischer herbst is running four two workshops – this year with ArchipelagoLab, Max Heinrich and Helvetia Leal as well as Eiko Grimberg and Clemens von Wedemeyer.

Berlin (BE)


What if we decide after the apocalypse that it’s not all over? For their theatrical video documentary, over five years the Berlin group followed the couple who never left their village near Chernobyl.

Where Are We Now?

steirischer herbst is opening a philosophical canteen: in this casual setting we will be serving performances and talks that open up the leitmotif for discussion – from Oceanic thinking and alternative logics of being-in-the-world to a decolonial view of a Eurocentric “we”.

Tianzhuo Chen (CN)

An Atypical Brain Damage

Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen combines quotations from pop, folklore and commerce to create a global snapshot between kitsch and apocalypse. A live stream of consciousness in the rhythm of music.

Nature Theater of Oklahoma (US) & EnKnapGroup (SI)

Pursuit of Happiness

A death-defying quest for happiness takes the EnKnapGroup and the Nature Theater of Oklahoma to an American dream somewhere between Baghdad and the Wild West.

The Children Theremin Orchestra & Dorit Chrysler (AT/US)

Invisible Flames

The sounds of the theremin seem to be created as if by magic: it is played without contact using the electric capacity of the human body. At the concert in the festival centre, Dorit Chrysler joins young people from Graz to perform her composition “Invisible Flames”.


Karma She / Mechatok

Orient and Occident, transcendence and trance are the perfect ingredients for a flamboyant finale of steirischer herbst 2017, when the energy level once again spirals to undreamed-of heights thanks to the bewitching Karma She from Israel and Munich-based DJ Mechatok.

Die Kinder der Toten

„Urlaubsfreude lodert aus dem Wald”

Fancy a Jelinek tour? Specially organised coach tours and walks and a brochure take you on a journey to the mysterious locations of “Die Kinder der Toten“.

plan b (GB/DE)

herbst fragments

“herbst Fragments” is an app that gives users access to more than 100 interview excerpts and original audio recordings from the history of steirischer herbst.

Die Kinder der Toten

Nature Theater of Oklahoma (US)

Die Kinder der Toten – Der Große Dreh

The Nature Theater of Oklahoma ventures the impossible: creating a film version of Elfriede Jelinek’s novel “Die Kinder der Toten”. Filming around Neuberg an der Mürz is, at the same time, a live performance. Anyone who wants can come along and watch and, above all, join in!


This year again, five artists will be keeping a highly subjective online diary: Gunilla Heilborn, Marie Gamillscheg, Matthias Schamp und Veronica Kaup-Hasler.

Benjamin Verdonck (BE)

One more thing / Gille learns to read / Song for Gigi

Benjamin Verdonck is a great poet of little things. With his three table-theatres he opens up worlds of images that tackle the big questions with touching simplicity.

herbst. Theorie zur Praxis 2017

This is the twelfth issue of the herbst festival magazine. As always, it is more than a programme booklet that sums up and explains specific works.


On the occasion of the anniversary of steirischer herbst an artist’s book recalls the history of the avant-garde festival.


Stefan Fraunberger (AT)

deranged orchestra and Ornamentrauschen

The state of suspension between modernism and culture and its (uncanny) states in the sense of advanced perception are the focal theme of Stefan Fraunberger’s acoustic research.

Die Kinder der Toten

Cinema 666

”Cinema 666” brings to life the spirits of the cinematic past – with Styrian home movies, forgotten gems of horror and classics of the Nature Theater of Oklahoma.

Where Are We Now?

A book, a commissioned work. This publication brings together pieces by 50 artists and theorists whose works have shaped the festival over the past decade.

Die Kinder der Toten

Elfriede Jelinek (AT)

Die Kinder der Toten – The Novel

When steirischer herbst visits Upper Styria this year, everything revolves around “Die Kinder der Toten” by Elfriede Jelinek. Her ghost novel eloquently debunks undead clichés about Austria and national pathos.

Die Kinder der Toten

Will I Survive?

Undead everywhere! Three rare pearls of horror film will lure visitors with their undead protagonists. Top-notch shockers selected by absolute genre mavens.

herbst remixed

The video documentation “herbst remixed” accompanies the steirischer herbst festival, recording everything that happens.


Up Into the Unknown & Graz Architecture

In Search of Lost Paradises

we are here!

Diese Wildnis hat Kultur

Prometheus Unbound


trigon 67/17


The Seed Eaters

Exhibition Openings

Hope as Provocation

Kicking the Dead


window 16:9 (R)

I don’t know how to put this but i’m Kind of a Big Deal

mp 1968/2017



Guests arrived, none of us could see them

event series


Die Kinder der Toten – Der Große Dreh

musikprotokoll 2017