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steirischer herbst invites you to browse through its history: on a guided tour of the festival archive or, as of now, online in a comprehensive database.


50 Years, 5 Nodes

Diese Wildnis hat Kultur

herbst fragments

The future as a remix

Stories of a “Festival that Explores the Times”


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History/stories. Into the archive and out into the world

Guided tour through the archive and the collection of steirischer herbst

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Guided tour through the archive and the collection

Fri 29/09 & Fri 13/10, 10.00
and on request

Festival centre

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No reservation is necessary.

Informationen at education@steirischerherbst.at

Did you know that it was Martin Kippenberger who designed the famous poster for the 1997 festival? Or that Samuel Beckett wrote only one commissioned piece in his life – for steirischer herbst? That three of Christoph Schlingensief’s works caused quite a stir in Graz and that, prior to this year’s project “Die Kinder der Toten”, Elfriede Jelinek was involved in the festival twelve times?

The herbst archive comprises more than 4,100 projects with more than 16,000 participants, including catalogues, programme booklets, video and audio material, posters, and text documents. In the past few years all of the projects realised by the festival since its launch in 1968 have been fed into a digital database, which is now made available to the public, offering extensive online search functions. From now on you can either browse through the festival’s rich history at home or consult our expert archivist Martin Ladinig on site as before – the choice is yours.