Augustin Rebetez (CH) & Louis Jucker (CH)

The Grain Show

Visual arts / Installation / Music

Augustin Rebetez creates an intimate cabinet full of strange object-creatures surrounded by dream-like images, mysterious videos and the sounds of musician Louis Jucker.

The Grain Show (Foto: Augustin Rebetez)


Festival centre at Palais Attems

Biodesign Lab


Invisible Flames

Artist Augustin Rebetez stages dark, wondrous poetic worlds that always obey extremely peculiar logics. In his collages, drawings, installations and stop-motion films, he transforms the simplest of materials into tragicomic, playful and moving images. His art, at times dizzying, spreads out in books and on stages, in films and derelict houses, but above all in numerous exhibitions around the world.

With “The Grain Show” Augustin Rebetez joins his long-time companions, the Swiss musician Louis Jucker and designer Goupie Goupek, to construct a spatial installation consisting of objects, films and live concerts, developed especially for steirischer herbst. This intimate place at the heart of this year’s festival centre, he promises with a twinkle in his eye, will create dreams and eat its way into the hearts of the audience like a black liquor. Augustin Rebetez takes visitors on a journey into an intimate universe that Louis Jucker fills with the sound of his self-made instruments until it is no longer clear who has crept into whose dream.

Live musik Louis Jucker
Video Augustin Rebetez
Installation Goupie Goupek

Co-produced by steirischer herbst, Vidy Théâtre, L’Echandole

steirischer herbst
Project management Roland Gfrerer
Technical direction Karl Masten

Augustin Rebetez (CH)

Augustin Rebetez, born in Delémont/Switzerland in 1986, is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in the western Swiss municipality of Mervelier. In 2009 Rebetez graduated from the École de Photographie in Vevey and has been constantly widening his artistic repertory ever since: in addition to his work as a photographer, he also works as an installation and video artist and musician, also presenting his first stage production “Rentrer au volcan” in 2015. Rebetez is set to perform his latest project “The Grain Show” at steirischer herbst, his first appearance in Austria.


Louis Jucker (CH)

Louis Jucker, born in La Chaux-de-Fonds/Switzerland in 1987, works as a musician and producer and as a performance and installation artist. In his role as singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, the qualified architect has given more than 500 concerts on four continents, publishing “Chinese Sketches”, his first of meanwhile seven solo recordings, in 2012. In addition to working as a musician, Jucker also regularly collaborates with visual artists including Noé Cauderay, Giona Bierens de Haan and Augustin Rebetez, developing “The Grain Show” with the latter.