Block of 10 tickets


No matter whether you want to attend one performance in a group of ten or visit ten performances on your own – our block of ten tickets lets you do both! And: the herbst block is the right choice for all variations in between.


Block of 6 tickets

Block of 10 tickets

145 € regular
105 € reduced


Valid for events from the categories theatre, dance, performance, musikprotokoll and crossover.

Not only can you purchase ticket blocks online, you can also use them online.

Want to take your family of five to see “Bacchae – Prelude to a Purge” by Marlene Monteiro Freitas and then attend five other productions on your own? No problem! See the premiere of Simon Mayer’s “Oh Magic” with your two best friends and then invite your handball side to the subsequent performance? Sure thing!

You can use your herbst block as a heavy-user block, as a honeymoon block, family block or dating block. And a novelty: the block is valid for musikprotokoll events as well!